Remote Electronic Access for Extraordinary Criminal Cases

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Michael Carrozzo

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Gustavo Lavayen

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Darrel Parker

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Please be advised that daily transcripts in the case of the People vs. Michael Jackson, for the first four weeks of trial, can now be found at the following website: Transcripts will be uploaded daily to the Exemplaris website generally between 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. PST, although some days may be later.

Also, the transcripts from the Criminal Grand Jury testimony resulting in the indictment in this case, will be posted to the Exemplaris website.

Find the daily transcript for the Michael Jackson case in Exemplaris by searching for the case number, 1133603, in the text box before logging in, or by logging in and selecting "High Profile State Case" from the Court list in the Advanced Power Search screen.

Note that the Exemplaris website provider will assess a fee for each transcript. Transcripts available for this site are a private agreement between the court reporters and the vendor. The Court is not responsible for the content or payments from that site.

Court Order permitting remote electronic access to public court records
2005 CA Rule of Court 2073
Public access to court records (This link will take you to the Court Rule on the California Judicial Council web site.)
Santa Barbara Superior Court Rules
(This link will take you to the Santa Barbara Superior Court web site.)